Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2-0-1-4, Give Me More

A year in review of 2013 can be compared to my favorite roller coaster, the Silver Bullet.  It came with many twists and turns, loops, and of course the unexpected drops but it kept on going and sped through the more-challenging-to-handle parts.  Just like the suspended coaster, I felt my feet dangling through the air, whether it was because I was lost and didn't feel any support or it meant I was completely euphoric and floating through the atmosphere.

If there was one thing I can say was the number one factor causing this crazy ride, it was the number of people I met, became friends with, worked with, partied with, and even those lost.  it's incredible to realize just how many people can affect your life in just one year. Normally I base my life on the academic calendar; priorities you know? But after looking at this year from January 1st to December 31st, I cannot believe all the events that occurred could have taken place in the course of one year.  I've met the most people I ever have this year, I've lost the most this year, I've experienced the most this year, but most importantly, I learned the most this year.

I now have a footing in the Theatre and Dance Department.

  1. For Colored Girls (ASM)
  2. Duck Variations (first time stage managing)
  3. Choreographer's Gallery (first dance show)
  4. Hansel and Gretel (lighting operator - double spot light)
  5. Vocal Juries (voice development and performance)
  6. Theater, Dance, and Music classes (my love of singing, acting, and dancing)

I've continued to work with children and my love for the little ones continues to grow.

  1. Hayden Summer Camp (Summer 2013 volunteer)
  2. ASTEP Sacred Heart (assistant teacher for enrichment time)
All while maintaining a good GPA and dealing with boys on and off throughout the year.  I now know how to meet boys the same way I meet girls.  I struggled through many "forever alone," "I'm not good enough," "I'm not attractive/skinny enough," "I'm too weird/crazy" thoughts.  Granted, I am stuck in some sort of situation with all those and more, I've experienced acceptance, care, love, and friendship, that keeps me going forward.  No matter the amount of times some boy leads me on and drops me, I keep in mind that even though he made me happy, he doesn't determine my happiness and that's up to me.  I am so grateful for my girls and their continuous support and reminders that I'll find someone even if it's just for a while, I will find someone or they'll find me.  

So 2014, I'm not sure what you have in store for me, but I think this past year has prepared me well.  Bring on the hurt and the pain, I know I can take it now.  Bring on the ecstatic happiness because that's what everyone deserves, including me.  Give me more experiences to learn from, mistakes included, but more times to do it right.  Give me more people, or the same people just to know them better.  Give me all the blessing I have received this past year times ten.  Give me more love because I have so much more love to give.

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